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The Slouch Hat – (made of khaki fur felt with the left side turned up) – is the traditional symbol of the Australian Soldier. Australian troops have worn the Slouch Hat in wars ranging from the Boer War, World Wars 1 & 2, Korea, Malaya and South Vietnam.

First introduced into the Victorian Mounted Rifles by Lt Col Tom Price in 1885, the brim was turned up on the right side to avoid the parading soldiers catching the brim while performing rifle drill.  Since the Boer War the brim has been turned up on the left

The Australian War Memorial
C.E.W. Bean first began thinking about commemorating the sacrifice of Australians in war in 1915, at Gallipoli. The idea of a national museum took hold later, while Bean was visiting Pozières, France, where the Australian divisions suffered 23,000 casualties in less than seven weeks of fighting in 1916. Bean’s idea was to set aside a place in Australia where families and friends could grieve for those buried in places far away and difficult to visit – a place that would also contribute to the understanding of war itself.
Defending Victoria
A fascinating site which explores the contribution made by Victorians in a series of wars.
This site is dedicated to all those who died before their time in the Gallipoli Campaign.

GOULD – genealogy and History

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Rick’s Hat Check Room
Welcome to Rick’s Hat Check Room and check out the hats! A fascinating site that holds a collection of over 300 hats including hats from all theaters of war
Colorado Trail & Antique Maps, Guides, History Books–Webers Books & Drawings Breckenridge, Colorado
Colorado Topographic and Antique Maps, Guides, Mining, Railroad and History and Picture Books and Local Summit County Artists
Major and Mrs Holt’s Battlefield Guide Books and Battlefield Maps
Illustrated battlefield guide books and maps of the First & Second World Wars Western Front & Gallipoli.
The Spirits of Gallipoli
This is a project about AIF soldiers who died during the Gallipoli campaign, and includes search facilities to check, individual names with rank and regimental numbers, families, burial locations, and a time chart of the campaign.
Books Forever
The military history of Australia and early Australian history books

Slouch Hat Soldiers - Generations at War


Slouch Hat Soldiers – Generations at War, contains a series of poetic snapshots, distilled from the powerful stories and images that some people experienced during World Wars One and Two, and the Vietnam War. Along with the bloodshed and horror are mateship, humour, patriotism and love of the homeland. There are many acts in the theatre of war, which only those who serve in the forces witness, however, through storytelling, they are remembered – and here they have been turned into poignant poetry. The author hopes this book may help a new generation of Australians to understand what it was like to go to war.

Part proceeds from book sales will be donated to Legacy.