Gallipoli Diary by Major John Gillam, DSO

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Second hand hard cover with dust jacket in good condition, published in 1989. Part of the Fourteen-Eighteen collection, series editor Peter T. Scott.

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ISBN: 1-87148-15-X

The Fourteen-Eighteen Collection 1914-1918

The diary of (then) Captain John Gillam of the Army Service Corps(ASC) during his time at Gallipoli,from landing at Cape Helles on 25th April 1915(on W Beach-Lancashire Landing) until evacuated 8/9th January 1916. An excellent book which deals with a first hand account of the war from a slightly different perspective-the ASC were responsible for supplies and whilst not being in the front line, were under fire the whole time due to the nature of the campaign.They tended to live a little better and were certainly better treat by the Generals on the ground(advantages of being in supplies-it's quite obvious they were "courted", so to speak, by all and sundry for their ability to produce supplies). Even so, John Gillam gives a clear concise and revealing account of conditions and hopes and dreams of the men who served on the Peninsular. His service covers the whole of the campaign and he even spent time at Suvla Bay and was involved with the British evacuations at Helles and Suvla. These accounts give an idea of the involvement of the ASC in these evacuations,and the planning entailed. Another endearing feature is John Gillam's honesty and lack of self importance-he freely admits to mistakes he made and fully praises the front line troops and the enemy for their bravery.


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