Jacka’s Mob: A Narrative of the Great War by John Edgar Rule


compiled and edited by Carl Johnson & Andrew Barnes

‘Jacka’ is Albert Jacka, Australia’s first Victoria Cross winner of the Great War

The 14th Battalion was raised in Victoria in Sep. 1914. Between then and the end of 1918 more than 5 thousand men passed through the Battalion. For their service in the Great War the 14th were awarded many Battle Honours. Rule’s brilliant narrative reflects the experiences of one member of this Battalion during the `war to end all wars’. The original publication in 1933, used aliases to protect the identity and reputations of men who were alive or had living relatives at the time. Now with the passage of time, the editors have used the true identities where possible.

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ISBN: 0646388037

A narrative of the Great War by Edgar John Rule

WW1, Australian Army Military History, 14th Battalion


New 240 page A4 laminated card cover with dust jacket. Original book written by Edgar Rule this edition is compiled and edited by Carl Johnson and Andrew Barnes. ww1, 14th Battalion, nominal roll, photographic gallery, decorations and awards.