Machine Gun: The Story of the Men and the Weapon that changed the Face of the War

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by Anthony Smith

A fascinating history of the men who invented the machine gun – and the devastating impact it had on the course of war. Why did the British start the First World War with only 264 machine guns, far fewer than the other great powers? Why were the generals so disdainful of them, despite the way the Maxim gun had decimated native armies in numerous colonial wars? In the First War, the British had to learn the hard way, with 20,000 men mown down by machine guns on the first day of the battle of the Somme. Around 80 percent of all the casualties in that war were caused by machine guns. Anthony Smith explores this extraordinary paradox in his important new book; he also tells the story of the remarkable men who invented and developed the machine gun – men like Samuel Colt, Richard Gatling and Hiram Maxim. Gatling’s gun was first used in the American Civil War; but it was Maxim, with his barnstorming salesmanship to all the leading military powers, who did most to create a deadly new form of warfare.



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ISBN: 0749923520

The Story of the Men and the Weapon that changed the Face of the War

War history, Machine Guns


First Edition hardcover with dust jacket (2002) 308 pages, in good condition, small tear in the dust jacket on the back on the book along with some hand written footnotes on a few pages.

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