Maker and Breaker: 2/1 & 2/14 Field Company Engineers AIF


by John Groover

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This is a true story of John Gloover as an engineer in WWII. John transferred from an engineer unit to the AIF when war broke out in 1939. By Oct 1941 he was a lieutenant and in the middle east undertaking engineering tasks with 2/1 Field Company and then with them on the push north into Syria. With the Pacific war underway much of the AIF was returned home to defend Australia and Groover found himself in Papua. His unit was sent to the Kokoda trail, with the task of hacking an alternative track through the jungle.In charge now of a platoon of 2/14 Field Company, next came Wau and Bulolo, again building and repairing much needed bridges. The end of the war found Groover and his engineers supporting the fighting along the New Guinea north east coast where road building in swampy country was a vital task.


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ISBN: 9780980320435

2/1 & 2/14 Field Company An Engineer Officer in World War Two



New hardcover 228 page book, acknowledgements, illustrasions and maps, glossary and index.