Rules of Engagement – A Life in Conflict

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by Tim Collins

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT describes in graphic and thrilling detail not only Tim Collins’s time in Iraq in the lead up to war and during the war itself, but looks back on a life’s experience in the army. He talks for the first time about the accusations of war crimes leveled against him and reveals the truth about US behavior during the conflict. A snap shot of history, Rules of Engagement is an absorbing tale that will stand the test of time and is a moving lesson in the humanity that lies behind a country at war.


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ISBN: 9780755313990

A Life in Conflict

Army Military History, Iraq, 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment.


Paperback 2005 edition in very good condition, 406 pages. From the moment Tim Collins’s speech to his men in Iraq was made public, he became more than an army colonel. He spoke to a world that was confused, at best, as to the motives for war, and gave some explanation for the need for this war and gave counsel on how it should be approached. Full of drama, thought and humor. Colonel Tim Collins, former commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment