Steinaecker’s Horsemen: South Africa 1899-1903

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by William Woolmore

‘Steinaecker’s Horsemen’ is a book relating the exploits of an irregular unit fighting on the British side during the Anglo–Boer War of 1899-1902. Steinaecker’s Horse unit was made up of a unique mix of frontiersmen – hunters, pioneers, stock riders, miners, timbermen, transport operators, bush storekeepers and a host of others – good and bad. Most were South Africans but a great many were from Australia, while others came from the far flung corners of the British Empire and beyond.

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ISBN: 9780958478243

South Africa 1899 - 1903

Boer War Sth African War Irregular Units Colonial Units Transvaal Swaziland Steinaeckers Horse Komati Poort


New, 352 page unit history, 7″x 10″. Detailed 198 page Biographical Rolls, Honours & Awards, Honour Roll, Bibliography, Glossary, Index, Illustrations and Maps.

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