The Australian Illustrated Encyclopaedia of The Boxer Uprising 1899-1901

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By Justin Corfield

A very thorough work on the Chinese Boxer Uprising of 1900, the encyclopedia has A-Z entries, detailed rolls. A good research tool and of great interest to family historians.

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ISBN: 9780958529693


Boxer Uprising Relief of Peking China Foreign Service Encyclopedias, GB Royal Navy, HMCS Protector, HMS Centurion Martyrs Roman Catholic French Navy Pei T'ang Legation HMS Orlando


New 256 page, 7″x10″, Hardcover with dust jacket, map on end papers of The Relief of Peking, A-Z entries, Append 1: Biographical Roll of NSW Contingent; Append 2: Biographical Roll of VIC Contingent, Append 3: Biographical Roll of HMCS Protector (Sth Aust Contingent) Bibliography, Medal Awards & Illustrations.


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