The Complete History of the SAS: The Story of the World’s Most Feared Special Forces

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by Nigel McCrery

Fifty years after its inception, the Special Air Service (SAS) is famous the world over. When its soldiers do battle, news spreads like wildfire. SAS actions are normally swift and very hard-hitting, like the spectacular hostage rescue at the London Iranian Embassy and their work in the Middle East. Now The Complete History of the SAS details the incredible missions and stealth operations of one of Britain’s most secret organizations.

Few would believe that the SAS contains only 200 men, rigorously selected, highly trained and with a spirit to dare. They will go, willingly, deep behind enemy lines, take on incredible odds, and risk their lives to rescue others. They fought side by side with US forces in both wars in the Gulf. This is the full, inside story of the most famous special forces regiment in the world.

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ISBN: 9781844428687

The Story of the World's Most Feared Special Forces

Special Air Services


First Edition hardcover with dust jacket, published by Carlton Books 2003, 224 pages with hundreds of photographs. This book is in very good condition, slight knock bottom right corner, dust jacket in tack with minor edge bumps.