The Crossroad: A story of life, death and the SAS


by Mark Donaldson VC

This is the incredible bestselling memoir by Victoria Cross recipient Mark Donaldson, Mark showed extraordinary courage when he rescued an Afghan interpreter under heavy fire during a bloody ambush in Afghanistan. He was a rebellious child and teenager, even before the death of his father – a Vietnam veteran – when Mark was in his mid-teens. A few years later, Mark’s mother was murdered, although her body has never been found. Mark’s path could so easily have turned to a life of alcohol abuse and self-destructiveness. But Mark pulled himself together and chose a different road – the army. He found himself to be a natural soldier, progressing to the very peak of the Australian military: the SAS.

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ISBN: 9781742612287

A story of life, death and the SAS

Australian Military, SAS, Afghanistan


Hardcover with dust jacket, 422 pages, small note on inside cover book in good condition.