The Eureka Encyclopaedia


by Justin Corfield, Dorothy Wickham & Clare Gervasoni

On 29 November 1854 at Bakery Hill miners led by an Irishman, unveiled a new flag, the Eureka Flag or the Flag of the Southern Cross. The Eureka Stockade was hastily built. December 3rd, soldiers and police stormed the stockade resulting in around 7 soldiers and 22 diggers being killed. Some 120 diggers were arrested and of these 13 were put on trial. They were all acquitted. This Encyclopaedias timeline is from 1851 to 1855.


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ISBN: 1876478616


Australian, History, Eureka, Ballarat


New hardcover 2004, 560 pages, photos, maps and illustrations. A great reference book for anyone doing history on the this subject.