The Six Years War: Australia in the 1939-45 War

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by Gavin Long

This book tells the story of the nation’s leaders and the men and women in the factories as well as the men engaged in the immediate business of fighting the enemy. Long shows how the operations undertaken in the Middle East in 1941-42 would hardly have been possible without the aid of the Australian ground forces.

He describes how Australian troops bore the brunt of the fighting in the South-West Pacific Area for the first two years of war, and of their experiences afterwards, when they were relegated to roles of relatively minor importance as American arms gathered strength.

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ISBN: 0642993750

Australia in the 1939-45 War

The reader sees the extent of Australia’s contribution compared to that of other Allied countries as generally out of all proportion to her population.


1973 First Edition hard cover with dust jacket, normal wear and tear on dust jacket, book is in good condition, has sticker on inside front cover. 518 pages, maps, well illustrated, index.