Battles of KwaZulu-Natal

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by Ken Gillings

Art Publishers, Durban. Card cover, book Condition very good. Twenty significant battles in KwaZulu-Natal: The Shakan Era; Division in the Zulu Royal House; The Anglo-Zulu War; The Transvaal War of Independence; The Zulu Civil War; The Anglo-Boer War. 48 pages with text, maps and illustrations.

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ISBN: 9781919688244

A Pictorial Souvenir of the Battles of KwaZulu-Natal from 1818-1906

The battles fought in the rolling hills and valleys of northern KwaZulu-Natal some 120 years ago changed the course of South African history, and still today, the area now known as the ''Battlefields'' seems to echo with the heroic and often tragic deeds of the past. The sites of famous skirmishes that rocked the British, weakened the Boers and broke the mighty Zulu nation continue to draw visitors.