We Were The 46th: The History of the 46th Battalion in the Great War of 1914-18


By Ian Polanski.

The 46th Battalion was raised in Egypt on 24 February 1916 as part of the “doubling” of the AIF. Approximately half of its new recruits were Gallipoli veterans from the 14th Battalion, and the other half, fresh reinforcements from Australia. Reflecting the composition of the 14th, the new battalion was composed mostly of men from Victoria, although some of the reinforcements hailed from New South Wales and Western Australia.


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ISBN: 0957762208

The History of the 46th Battalion in The Great War of 1914 - 1918

WWI history of the 46th Battalion which includes special mention of the actions of some men, the unit battles, nominal roll and a vast amount of pictures.


New pp 216, 295cm x 210cm card cover book which includes many photos a map and a list of the members of the 46th Battalion.