Where Anzacs Sleep: The Gallipoli Photos of Cptn Jack Duffy – 8th Battalion

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by Ron Austin

A unique historic photographic record of one Australian soldier’s view of Gallipoli.
As a young man Duffy worked as a school teacher, then served 5 years in the Navy, returned to teaching and in 1915 was appointed as a Sergeant in the 8th Battalion, being commissioned on Gallipoli. After the war Duffy toured Victoria with his magic lantern show showing slides he took of Gallipoli, many of which are reproduced in this book. The many graves and poignant memorials with their simple wooden crosses have long since vanished, replaced by a forest of concrete head stones. Duffy’s photos take us back over 90 years in time.

ISBN: 0975835327

The Gallipoli Photos of Capt Jack Duffy, 8th Battalion

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New Landscape format, 10 3/4″ x 9″, 96 page, many photographs, Bibliography.

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