Special Tours


Battlefield Tours to Gallipoli and France

Belmore Travel has been offering Battlefield Tours longer than any other Australian operator.

 Bookings are now being taken for the April/May tours, and September/October Rambles to the Western Front/Gallipoli. The tour could be best described as an emotional pilgrimage.

The tours are structured so that people can do only the Gallipoli section or the French section, but most choose to do both.

A commonly asked question is “Do I have to live in Victoria to take part in these tours?” The answer is NO. We have people from every State in the Commonwealth on our tours. The oldest participant was aged 95 the youngest 15. The main focus is on touring the battlefields of the 1914-1918 War, but we also provide breaks in Istanbul, Paris and London. We attend cultural events in Turkey and several ceremonies in Northern France.

 Note that the Ramble explores the battlefields in greater detail.

For prices and tour itinerary , please email Jason at Belmore Travel