Who We Are

Ron & Sue at Anzac Cove

Ron & Sue at Anzac Cove

Slouch Hat Publications was formed in 1989 by Ron and Sue Austin following the publication of Ron’s first self-published book, ‘The White Ghurkhas’.

Since that time, Ron wrote nine First World War Battalion histories, one Second World War Battalion history, two Military encyclopedias (Gallipoli, and the Zulu & Boer Wars), two Military biographies (Jess, the Courtneys), and one title providing Australian and NZ Honours and Awards of the Boer War.

Slouch Hat has also published authoritative books of Military History by other authors. All our books are designed, typeset and printed in Australia to the highest-possible standard. Over many years, we have built a strong regular client list as well as supplying the book trade.

At this stage we are not taking on any new publications.

Ron Austin passed away in July, 2012 – see our tribute page.

Sue Austin