R.J.Austin RFD,ED.

ronSadly, Ron passed away in July, 2012 after a very short illness. His presence will always be with me, and he will be missed by his many friends and colleagues around Australia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank again all those who contacted me at that difficult time to offer their support and condolences.

Ron had a deep passion of military history and thoroughly enjoyed passing on his knowledge – whether by writing books, helping people with enquiries about their family’s military history, or leading official overseas tour parties to various sites where Australian soldiers fought (especially Gallipoli). In total, Ron wrote seventeen books.

We had such a full and happy life together, and as a tribute to Ron’s efforts, I will continue running Slouch Hat Publications in its customary manner – supplying our backlist and other publications to our clients and the book trade, but putting aside the publishing aspects of the business.

Sue Austin